Carby Carby Carb Carb.

Flour, Flour Everywhere and Not a Drop To Drink…..

I am NOT a baker, you guys. Anything that needs exact measurements *should* be a comfort to someone like me who likes to be in control of….well, everything. But I’ve never took to it. I like the chemistry of cooking when it’s all about how a braise liquid effects meat muscle or roasting potatoes […]

So there wasn't really a front to the boathouse Post Storm, but I choose to think of it as a new "unobstructed view!"

Hurricane Sandy: Three Years Later

It’s crazy insane to think it’s been three years since we loaded up on shitty gas station snacks (the Mobile and 7-11 were out of actual gas) and made our way to Cutchogue to access the damage from Hurricane Sandy. Without power in Manhattan and still waiting for a LIPA miracle on the North Fork, […]

Southold Farm and Cellars at Mile 11

New York City Marathon

It takes a lot to keep me out of the North Fork during a fall weekend. Even with all the pumpkin people, it’s still my favorite place to me. But popping around the course to cheer on my friend Jose was kinda worth it…..especially with his wife Kira mocking the runners around Mile 23.   


Happy Memorial Day 2015, Y’all!

There’s something about American Holidays that make me a little Southern. I’m full on Texan for 4th of July, so just wait. I hope your Long Weekend was filled with major meat gluttony. Ours definitely was. Currently, I’m on the newly named “Tetanus Beach” cleaning up rusty razor blades and roofing nails so I’ll be […]

Tall. Modern. Not New York.

Eat Me, Chicago!!!

This Columbus Day Weekend : I traded one city with sky scrapers for…..another city with sky scrapers! I hate to be away from the North Fork in the Fall. I just know winemakers would have probably fulfilled my life long dream and asked me to pop my unpedicured feet into tanks and smash shit up […]


Cucumber Salad: Basic, But Delicious.

Everybody has that one thing they bring to a pot luck situation. My mother schleps both a watermelon carved to look like a basket and cherry kugel that no one likes and no one eats.  Ashley and Jessie always bring frozen fruit and cool whip — a disgrace made better by a presentation in a […]

A Local's Joint And Everything That's Good About Meat in Jamesport, NY.

Cliff’s Elbow Room

You might have low expectations from a wooden shingled building that stands weathered, but sturdy on the side of Main Road in Jamesport. You think such a low-key place is outdated and the menu boring. Or perhaps that the atmosphere won’t do. You would be wrong. This place rocks in its throwback greatness. Welcoming to […]

One part bar, One part Bonnie and Clyde set.

The Riverhead Project – CLOSED as of FALL 2014

This places is now shuttered. Which is a bummer because I liked their cocktails. And the vault in the basement. RIP, Riverhead Project. This is what i said about the place a while back…… “Need some glamour and a cocktail after spending 4-5 hours parked on the Long Island Expressway in your Zip Car? Stop […]

Elevated Bar Eats On Wheels.

Roaming Fork – CLOSED FOR NOW

I loved this food truck most often found at Palmer Vineyards, Laurel Lake and down in New Suffolk at the Wednesday Night Boat Races. But with the birth of their daughter, owners Joe and Stephanie have decided to focus their terrific culinary energy elsewhere. Stay tuned to see if the Roaming Fork makes an appearance […]


What We Drank(s) on the New York Cork Report

One of my favorite things to see is a round up of what other dudes (and dudettes) consume side by side. It’s like metaphorically tasting together despite being miles apart….and the small fact, that some of the other contributors to the NYCR, I’ve never even met. More on the Prosecco in a Porrón later! […]


Um, Hi!

Hey kids! You may have noticed this website quietly making its appearance on the webs. It’s been a long time coming. We (I) got held up along the way by many, many boring details that are mostly my bad. Anyway, so here’ s what we’re working with: Northfork’d looks fantastic. (Because the dudes at Forefathers […]