Northfork'd Places To See

Posted: July 27th, 2013

Markets and Farm Stands


The sheer number of places to pick up produce on the North Fork is overwhelming in the best possible way.

It brings up a lot of hardcore, thought provoking questions.  Deep seeded philosophies.

  • Why are they selling shit that’s out of season? (Because they think you’re a sucker.)
  • Can I buy seafood from a truck on the side of the road? (Maybe.)
  • Is a farm stand with an inflatable giant ear of corn or can of spinach superior to another? (Kinda.)
  • What do you think about eggs sold out of coolers at private homes? (I’m still too scared to drive up.)
  • Am I crazy if I drive around all day up and down the Fork getting my favorites from specific places? (No.)

While I am not a farmer, I certainly like to cook and can reason out what seasons give us what and I eat in enough restaurants to memorize menus. So I’ll pass that info on to you!

Keep an eye out for updates on what’s available where and who tries to sell Driscoll strawberries  and my general foaming at the mouth at all the glorious possibilities.

Map & Location