Northfork'd 7 Days A Week

This is what the patio looks like when it's not swarmed with people and servers who hate their lives.
Posted: July 10th, 2014

Blue Canoe Oyster Bar

Blue Canoe is owned by the same folks as the ├╝ber popular Vine Street Cafe, but there’s nay a hint of the attention to detail and fantastic service you get at the Shelter Island restaurant. Instead, you get waitstaff who act like they’re doing you a major favor by bringing over a watered down vodka […]

The Flavors At Magic Fountain Can Tell You Your Future.
Posted: April 12th, 2014

Magic Fountain

I don’t really like dessert. Gasp! Chocolate, I can take or leave. (Other than Snickers Bars, which are pretty much perfection.) Even as a kid, I’d pick Special Dark over Mr. Goodbar. I like muffins better than cupcakes and will choose lemon anything over buttercream. But ice cream is not dessert. Ice cream is a […]